Exhibition at the University of Toronto

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Pictures taken at the exhibition and the visit by Senator Vivienne Poy and Dr. Neville Poy


Some highlights of the exhibition as described by Mr. Laurence Tam,

“Tuesday, June 16 2009 was a specially busy day for me. In the morning I gave two conducted tours to two groups of grade 8 students from Valley Park Middle School of 130 Overlead Boulevard, Don Mills, Ontario M3C 1B2. There were about 30 students in each group. The first group led by their teacher Mrs Marilla Friesen-Bray came at 10 a.m.. The second group led by another lady teacher came at 11 a.m. Each was presented an exhibition brochure when entering into the exhibition area. As there are sufficient seats to accommodate the students in each of the two areas where the paintings were on display, they were able to sit down while listening to my explanation of the special nature of the ink painting learning program and I could easily direct them to look at specific paintings to highlight the different features of the exhibits around them.  Both groups of students were extremely well behaved and responsive. Once I started talking, none of them would make any noise, except answering and asking questions. They always put up their hands first before asking questions or answering mine. They were truly incredible groups of students. I told them the challenges which my students of WYK in Hong Kong forty years ago had to face when taking part in this ink painting learning program. They seemed to appreciate the value of learning Chinese ink painting on training students to become useful individuals of “whole persons”, when they were told what the painters of the exhibits are doing and contributing to the society today. After they were informed how to make use of the brochure in their hand to study the exhibits, they were dismissed to view the exhibits by themselves. At the end of my talk, I was surprised that they all clapped their hands and some even came up and shook hands with me asking me if I could come to their school and teach them. When I told them that I had not been teaching for thirty-eight years, they were startled and looked at me with their eyes wide open. All and all, delivering an art lesson to 2 classes of Grade 8 (i.e. Form 2 in Hong Kong) students again after 38 years was an interesting and rewarding experience for me. I am glad to have the opportunity to pass the message of the exhibition reflecting our Wah Yan education spirit to the youngsters of many ethnic groups.

In the afternoon, Andrew Tang with his dear wife Catherine, and Eric Li came to join me and Margaret at the Library. I was expected to introduce the exhibition to Senator Vivienne Poy and her family soon after 3:30 p.m.  Because of the delay caused at the University Congregation, Senator Poy did not appear in the Library till 5 p.m.  I had only ten to fifteen minutes to introduce the exhibition to her, as she had to attend another function elsewhere.  Although time was short, I managed to deliver a brief summary of the characteristics of the exhibition and pinpointed to her some features of the painting exercises on display. Jack arranged for me to deliver a copy of the Cradle Book duly signed by me for her, and took a group photo with her together with her son Justin and her two grand-daughters. (see photos)

Wednesday, June 17 2009 was a more leisurely day for me, because I only had to meet one special visitor to the exhibition on that day. He was Dr Neville Poy, husband of Senator Vivienne Poy. Dr Poy is a medical doctor and a photographer, noted for his black-and-while photography. So, he is an artist of his own right. He was expected to come to the exhibition at 11 a.m.. He was quarter of an hour early. Margaret and I were ealy, too. Three of us met at the elevator. He spent almost an hour with me at the exhibition and expressed great interest in the Chinese ink painting exercises, noting in particular the monochrome tonal effect of the ink brush strokes. I gladly introduced to him the whole learning program covering all the 12 lessons, and went over part of the Cradle Book with him.”

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