‘The Cradle’ Exhibition Continues

From Mr. Laurence Tam in Hong Kong, “I am glad to take this opportunity to reveal to you that the Wah Yan Kowloon Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition Committee will soon be holding another “Cradle” show in Hong Kong later this year.   Since our Cradle exhibition is all about a new method of teaching Chinese ink painting, I consider that the HK Institute of Education is the most appropriate venue for it.  It was only last evening at a dinner meeting in a Chinese restaurant at North Point that another “Cradle” exhibition to be held at the Hong Kong Institution of Education was decided……..

 If everything goes well, the exhibition will be opened on 26 November with a seminar on “The Future of Chinese Art Education”.  Will keep you informed of later development.
The title of the seminar is in a way a kind of follow-up on my lecture delivered recently in the Beijing Polytechnic University in June at the Symposium of “Hong Kong and Macau Visual Arts, 2010”, organized by the Ministry of Culture in Beijing.  Learning of Chinese ink painting will help the younger generations of the Chinese population cultivate among themselves subconsciously a sense of belonging and love for their own country.

This is a basic and effective subconscious “national” education very much needed for a country with such a vast population as China.  Hence, I do want to see that more art teachers in schools in Hong Kong and Mainland China will make use of Chinese art implements or will teach Chinese ink painting in their Visual Art classes, so that our (Chinese) children have more opportunities to approach and learn about our 中國國粹 the art of Chinese ink painting when they are young.

Hence, when I was invited to give a lecture in Beijing in June, I did not speak on any high sounding art theory or any great works of art.  Instead, I took the opportunity to point out an existing art education “defect” in the art education system of our primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and in China.  Hopefully, those who have the means and power will heed the warning, wake up and take action.  My lecture was later published by Beijing Polytechnic University in her latest publication, “2010 港澳視覺藝術論壇文集”.

Click herer to see a copy of my lecture script for your interest.  I have included the slides in my attached script, because the captions attached to the slides form a significant part of the contents of my lecture.”

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