Alan Lee

From Mr. Laurence Tam, “The last time I met Alan was at the Cradle Exhibition wrapping up meeting on 15 June.  He looked normal and healthy to me on that day, and was as sharp as usual in making creative remarks in the discussion. He was one of my most beloved art students in WYK and I felt really sad that he left us all of a sudden.

Lee Kwok Kee, Alan (WYK 1974 grad) not only was one of the Cradle artists who created 2 of the exhibits (Nos. 028 and 104) in the “Cradle of New Chinese Ink Painting Movement” Exhibition, but also the Vice-Chairman of the WYK Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition Planning Committee which was responsible for organizing the series of “Cradle” Exhibitions.  He took an active part in promoting this Chinese art education campaign of WYK.  He was responsible for organizing the FIRST of the education activities on the subject of the Cradle Exhibition at the City Hall almost single-handedly in 2006.  In 2007, he actually applied the “Cradle” teaching method to teach his students of Good Hope School, and, 3 months later, he succeeded in putting up a very impressive exhibition of his students’ Chinese ink painting exhibition.  (re. English “Cradle” book, pp. 204-207) Then in 2010, when the Cradle Exhibition was presented at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, Alan was interviewed by Sing Tao Daily at the Art Gallery of the Institute representing our WYK artists who did those Chinese ink paintings 40 and more years ago. (Attached is a photo published in “Sing Tao Daily, HK 21 Dec 2010” recording details of the interview, showing Alan standing by the side of one of his paintings done when he was only 14, at the Cradle Exhibition presented at the Art Gallery of the Hong Kong Institute of Education.)
Alan, being most knowledgeable in art and design, was the key person in the Committee responsible for the design and technical aspects of the Cradle Exhibitions which the Committee needed most in turning the WYK Cradle Exhibition into an international Chinese art promotional campaign with a total of 14 Cradle exhibitions and 15 Cradle art education lectures/seminars/symposiums presented and held in 7 major cities in China and Canada. Without the artistic expertise and generous support of Alan and his students, the WYK Cradle Exhibitions would not have achieved the success we now have. He was the Head of the Visual Arts Department of Good Hope School and was very much respected and loved by his students and colleagues as revealed from the attachment you sent me.  As an excellent art teacher and a person of outstanding character, he will always be remembered and admired.
May he rest in peace in the arms of the Almighty.”

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