In Memory of Alan

From Mr. Laurence Tam, “Yesterday, I attended the funeral ceremony of Alan LEE Kwok Kee, one of my favourite students in my last few years at Wah Yan College Kowloon. It was a solemn and touching ceremony.  The large funeral hall was lined with floral wreaths round the walls, and the very large hall was fully packed by hundreds of those who came to pay him respect. He was obviously very popular in Good Hope School and in the art education circle, well respected and loved by his students, both present and past, as well as his fellow teachers, friends and associates. Good Hope School is an all girls’ school.

One of his students, Miss Connie Poon, who has helped in producing most of the artworks for our “Cradle Exhibition”,  expressed her gratitude and respect for his teacher by producing a very elegant memorial book for him. It was distributed to all those who attended the ceremony. Like his teacher, Connie is also very talented in art and design. The memorial book for Alan LEE is by itself a work of art. She has included in it photos recording some important and touching episodes of Alan’s life. She even decorated the edge of the pages with the short statements and words of wisdom often used by Alan in his classroom lectures. Attached (see below) are some pages on the part of Alan’s life related to Wah Yan included in the elegant book “In Memory of ALAN”. They will bring back the memory of our early days in Wah Yan, and remind us of our Wah Yan spirit in “sharing with others what we have”, including one’s inborn talent.

There is a section of the book on “The Cradle of New Chinese Ink Painting Movement” in memory of Alan’s dedication and contribution to the exhibition and his devotion in promoting art education. As in the case of the Toronto exhibitions, the production of the head panel (or backdrop) for the exhibition opening, as well as the design and production of the Poster and the 20 and more bilingual explanatory panels for gallery display was the contribution of Alan and his students.”



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