The Spirit of Mr. Laurence Tam Lives On

The Cradle BookWe recently received an order of a copy of ‘The Cradle’ book from a US expatriate who currently lives in China and is a K-12 Art teacher in 北崙 (近寧波). Here is an excerpt of her quote:

“I am a 1/3 of my way through my Master’s in Art Education degree through Boston University. In my current course, the History of Art Education, our final project focuses on how an individual or group changed how students learned art.

Because I live in China, I wanted to focus on how an individual or group changed how art was taught within Chinese culture, because I want to make as many connections as I can to China, and its culture, for my students.  Laurence Tam, from what I have learned, was able to make innovations in art education, and the Cradle book illustrates his process of teaching Chinese traditional ink painting, in a new way.

My fellow students and professors at BU are unaware of Laurence Tam, or for that matter Chinese painting, and so I think this information would be beneficial not only to myself and my students, but my fellow graduate students and professors as well.”

Mr. Tam kick-started the Movement; let’s keep the momentum going forever!

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